AdMob Acquires AdWhirl

Dear Developers,

As you may have already heard, we’ve been acquired by AdMob!  In keeping with our values of transparency and openness, AdMob is open sourcing AdWhirl (both client and server) within the coming weeks.  Not to fear,  this means absolutely no changes to the functionality or support you have come to expect from AdWhirl and you’ll get full support for AdMob ads (coming soon).  In addition, we’ll keep working hard on our roadmap w/ more features to help you guys succeed in the AppStore!

You can read more about AdMob’s plans on their blog:


Sam and Ra

AdWhirl Co-Founders


2 Responses to “AdMob Acquires AdWhirl”

  1. AdMobWhirl at Under The Bridge Says:

    […] Why, things just keep hopping on the iPhone app advertising scene; you may recall the little AdMob vs. AdWhirl brouhaha we mentioned a while back that the general consensus was didn’t make AdMob look either competent or honest. Well, the decision of which to pick between those two for your advertising is now very much easier indeed: AdMob’s going with the if you can’t beat ‘em buy ‘em policy! From the AdWhirl blog: […]

  2. leo Says:

    and now you guys are headed to Google!

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